Full-Service Licensed Irrigation Contractor

Water Pro is a full-service licensed Irrigation contractor providing Custom system designs, Installations of new systems, Repairs and upgrades to existing systems, and Maintaining systems of all types and sizes. Our highly skilled and trained professionals are able to diagnose and repair your sprinkler system quickly and cost effectively. Water Pro is dedicated to water conservation and can improve the efficiency of your Irrigation system.

Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Water Use Restrictions in Miami-Dade County

2-Day-A-Week Watering, Year-Round Landscape Irrigation in MIAMI-DADE county, the Year-Round Landscape Irrigation Rule limits lawn and landscape irrigation to two days a week.

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Odd-Numbered Residents & Businesses

Residents and businesses with an odd-numbered street address may water lawns and landscapes on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays, only before 10 a.m. OR after 4 p.m.

Even-Numbered Residents & Businesses

Residents and businesses with an even-numbered street address, may water lawns and landscapes on Thursdays and/or Sundays, only before 10 a.m. OR after 4 p.m.

Specialty Irrigation Products and Solutions

Water Pro provides solutions designed to treat well water used in irrigation systems for rust stain removal and prevention, as well as for fertilizers and scale reducers. The systems provided include siphoning systems for above ground well pumps and injection systems for submersible wells that easily attach to irrigation systems. The Rid O Rust prevention formulas prevent well water rust staining and adding Grass So Green will keep the landscape greener longer. Look no further than the specialty irrigation products and solutions of Water Pro.

Miami-Dade County Irrigation Rebate Program

As part of countywide efforts to reduce water use and improve efficiency, free landscape irrigation evaluations are offered to single-family homeowners and large property owners (i.e. condominium associations, commercial properties, etc.). Rebates are available for completing irrigation retrofits recommended during the evaluation.

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We custom build a maintenance contract as per each individual client’s needs