Water Pro has the right solutions to provide you with the best water

Whether your residential water is supplied by a Public Municipality or a Private Well, Water Pro has the right solutions to provide you with the best water, making it easier to enjoy cleaner, healthier, better tasting water throughout your home. Whether for drinking, cooking, bathing or laundry, Water Pro will improve the quality of your water.

When searching for water filtration, we find that folks usually have one or more of the following problems. Check which problem(s) most fits your situation to get a custom-tailored solution designed essentially for your home.

get a custom-tailored solution

Tired of having to lug around 60lb bags of salt or running out of soft water every month?

Then sign up for Water Pros Monthly Salt Delivery Service and have your salt delivered right into your home or business and into your water softener.

We will deliver salt for ANY make or model water softener you have, even if its not a Water Pro unit. Sign up today to save your back and time and experience the top-notch service Water Pro can provide to you monthly.

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Benefits of being a Water Pro Monthly Customer

Get great tasting and healthier drinking water for your entire family.

Think bottled water is the answer? Think Again! Many individuals are buying bottled water because they are concerned about drinking water quality. Unfortunately, bottled water is not only quite expensive, it is often just as contaminated as your tap water. According to FDA rules, bottled water is subject to less testing and lower standards than our tap water! Even disinfection is not a requirement for bottled water!


No more lugging and lifting of heavy salt bags


Scheduled, regular deliveries


We are Water Pros, no one knows your equipment like we do


We perform an on-point inspection to every unit with every delivery

We custom build a maintenance contract as per each individual client’s needs